Reports on Title: There Must Be a Better Way
45 Mins

It's taking as long today to generate a Report on Title as it did twenty years ago.

Yet everything else in the conveyancing process has accelerated beyond all recognition.

Lexsure are repeatedly informed by law firms that, notwithstanding case management systems, the Report on Title is the most frustrating document to produce in the conveyancing process. Of course, it is one of the most crucial documents.

This webinar will show new technologies available to speed the generation of a ROT whilst simultaneously creating a more comprehensive and better risk-managed document.

One thing you can be certain of when attending this webinar: you will get to see an extremely comprehensive Report. At the very least it will enable you to do some gap analysis with a view to upgrading your own precedent.

Tue Dec 7, 2021

Please Note: Webinars are only available to law firms regulated by CLC or SRA in England and Wales. You must specify the firm that you are working for. Registrations from generic email domains such a or will not be accepted. Regulators, Lenders and Insurers are welcome to book personal webinars by contacting Lexsure directly.