PII Alert Webinar: Lender Handbook Misconceptions
30 Mins

For conveyancing lawyers this might just be the most important webinar to attend in 2021 given industry concerns about increased file requests and associated claims.

Residential conveyancing has become more complex in recent years with almost three quarters of mainstream lenders changing their instructions in the twelve-month period. Statistically, one in two purchase transactions where there is a lender will involve a change to requirements via the Handbook or BSA Mortgage Instruction during the course of the transaction.

We all know that there is an inclination to try and cut corners to save time in conveyancing, but in this challenging environment with ever-changing lender instructions it is a risky practice – especially when there are low-cost and simple technologies available that take only a few minutes to use.

This 30-minute webinar outlines the volume and nature of changes that took place in the last 24 months and focuses on the risk mitigation tools (including free searches) available to assist in complying with lender instructions.

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