CQS Compliance Simplified: Are You Audit Ready?
45 Mins

Looking for ways to meet your compliance obligations?

CQS firms are required to demonstrate compliance with the new CQS Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS).

Reviewing the updates is a task in itself. Ensuring compliance with them is an extra pressure that firms are struggling to manage.

This is where tech based solutions can support you and do the heavy lifting.

Join our FREE webinar where we review the updates to the CPMS and show you how smart tech can facilitate compliance and keep you one step ahead of any potential audit.

During this 30 minute webinar, attendees will hear from Lexsure’s lead lender compliance auditor, Simon Seaton, who will review:

  • The compliance obligations in the new CPMS.
  • How COMPLETIONmonitor smart tech addresses these obligations.
  • Integration with your firm's existing systems and processes.
  • Ongoing support and features to enhance compliance.
  • CQS requirements in relation to Policy Documents
Thu Oct 6, 2022

Please Note: Webinars are only available to law firms regulated by CLC or SRA in England and Wales. You must specify the firm that you are working for. Registrations from generic email domains such a gmail.com or btconnect.com will not be accepted. Regulators, Lenders and Insurers are welcome to book personal webinars by contacting Lexsure directly.