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Lexsure Academy membership is the ideal solution for conveyancing lawyers looking for a complete legal training package. Combining excellent service, great value for money and above all, quality events.

Members join individually and can attend up to 5 webinars a month for the monthly fee of £10.00 + VAT.

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Monthly Subscription to Lexsure Academy

Attend any Lexsure Academy webinars for 10.00 + VAT per month.

Attend up to 5 Webinars a Month

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When can I cancel?

You may change or cancel your subscription at any time. To change or cancel your subscription, please contact the Lexsure Academy Team on . We will accept cancellations by mail or email.

The subscription is personal to you and not your firm. You can only cancel the subscription for you. Any colleagues who wish to cancel their subscription will need to do individually

If you cancel your subscription you will not be able to re subscribe for a period of 18 months after your cancellation.


Are refunds available?

For Monthly Subscriptions

When cancelling a monthly subscription, all future charges associated with your subscription will be cancelled. You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time, however your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period. You will not receive a refund; your subscription access and/or delivery and accompanying subscriber benefits will continue for the remainder of the current billing period.


What are your rates?

The rates will vary depending on the package purchased. Please select the package you're interested in to see the rates available for that package.

Is that your best rate?

Our introductory prices are our lowest available rates, and are available only to new subscribers.

When will my price change?

At the end of the introductory term, your subscription will automatically renew each month at the standard price for your package. Please select the package you're interested in to see the rates available for that package.

Payment Methods

By what methods can I pay?

All packages require credit card payment, and are automatically renewed.

Must my subscription be automatically renewed?

All of our subscriptions are on automatic renewal for your convenience.

You have complete control over your subscription and can contact us to change or cancel at any time.


What does my subscription include?

It allows you to attend up to 5 webinars a month at no extra cost. If you do not attend any webinars in a given month there is no refund.

Please remember that it is a one person subscription. If Lexsure has reason to believe that there are multiple people using your email address to enter into a webinar then Lexsure reserves the right to cancel your subscription. Your firm will also, in such circumstances, be prohibited from signing up to any other Lexsure services for a period of 18 months from cancellation of your subscription.

Recordings and Slides

Please note that there will be no recording available. No refunds will be given where you fail to attend webinars .